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Training Classes Available 


68 Hour Medication Aide Course

The 68hr Medication Aide Course is a Virginia Board of Nursing approved program. The course instructs participants how to administer & assist a resident in self-administering medications, including blood sugar checks & insulin injections, daily medication administration, breathing treatments and so much more in the assisted living environment.

There are 68 hours of training, consisting of 40 hours of Class Room training, 8 hours of diabetic training, 20 hours of clinical training in an On-the-Job assisted living facility to assist in Medication Management and Administration in assisted living facilities.

Certificate and Performance Record will be provided via email within 7 Business Days (count ONLY Monday through Friday non-holidays) ONLY upon completing the course and all fees are paid in FULL.


  • Virginia Department of Social Services approved 40hr Direct Patient Care program 

  • Virginia Medicaid approved 40hr Personal Care Assistant Certificate

  • Virginia Board of Nursing approved Nurse Aide certificate

Follow the link below to view 18VAC90-60-60

Not Included: Students will be eligible to apply to the Virginia Board of Nursing ($50) and the examination at PSI ($70) to become a Registered Medication Aide (RMA).


 Additional Requirements That May Be Required From Your Employer Once Your Course is Completed: (Not Required To Sign Up For The Class) 

  • Current PPD (TB) Test or Chest X-Ray ($25 to $45) 

  • Current Criminal Background Check from the Virginia State Police ($15 or more) 

  •  NOTE: Assisted Living Facility Employer is required to perform PPD (TB) Test and Criminal Background Check for all new hires. 


Adult/ Pediatric/Infant First Aid/CPR/AED or

Adult First Aid CPR/AED

There is possibly a half-million cardiac arrests each year, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) can help save a life if a person stop breathing or heart completely stops. You could be the SAVER. In fact, CPR can double or triple the chance of survival when someone on the scene takes a Step and ACT quickly. This training will assist you in being confident and prepare you to save a LIFE.  Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED course equips students to recognize and care for a variety of first aid breathing and cardiac emergencies involving adults children and infants. 

Certifications Available Same Day

  • In-Person: Led by knowledgeable instructors, our in-person CPR courses combine lecture with hands-on skills sessions. Perfect for those who learn best in a traditional classroom setting, our in-person classes give you ample time to ask questions and become comfortable with the latest techniques. 

  • Instructor Qualified Through the American Red Cross

  • Upon successful completion a valid 2 year digital certificate for Adult First Aid/CPR/AED is issued.


 40 Hour Direct Care Aide (DCA) 

 The 40hr Direct Care Aide program meets Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) curriculum for Home Health and Hospice and is also accepted by Virginia Department of Social Services for 'direct patient care staff' in licensed assisted

living facilities. 


 The course content instructs participant in assisting residents with activities of daily living, patient transfers, nutrition, oral & personal hygiene with "on-the-job" hands-on training to complete program. 

 Certificate will be provided within 7 business days upon successful completion of course. DO NOT COUNT WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS 

  • No Prerequisites

  • Class Duration: 40 hour Monday -Friday 9-5:30pm 

  • Employment Opportunities: Assisted Living, Adult Day Care, Private Duty, Personal Companion, Home Health, Hospice

32 Hour
Med Aide

This 32 hour Medication Aide Training Program will prepare students to assist with self-administration of medications in Child Day Care Centers, Mental Health Facilities, Group Homes for Child/Youth/Teens (CRF), Juvenile Justice/Corrections Facilities and Adult Homes/Day Centers (ADCC) licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Social Services Division of Licensing Program. Under the Drug Control Act of Virginia, Medication Aides are required to be trained in curriculum approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing before they may provide medication management services. The curriculum is approved by the Virginia Geriatric Education Center (VGEC) and Virginia

Board of Nursing.


This course is for: Administrators, nurse aides and all direct care staff responsible for assisting residents with self-administration of medications in facilities licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services Division of Licensed Programs.

Approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing and managed by VCU Department of Gerontology, this 32-Hour Medication Management course instructs participants on how to administer and assist residents in self-administering medication in the group home, adult daycare, or correctional facility environment.


  • Be at least 18 years old 

  • The ability to read and write English

  • High school diploma (recommended).

  • CPR recommended

  • Must have Nurse Aide / PCA  or Direct Care Aide certification

Strongly Suggested but not required: 40-Hour Direct Care, 40-Hour PCA (Personal Care Aide), or Nurse Aide Certificate

Please note: This course will not allow you to work in a Licensed Assisted Living Facility. You will need a 68 Hour Medication Aide Training Course. This program DOES NOT qualify participants to take the State Registered Medication Aide (RMA)Exam.

32 Hour

4 Hour

  • 4hr Medication Aide Refresher

  • Required Yearly  


4 Hour Refresher
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